k59 El salvador surf spot

Well-known as one of the best quality waves in El Salvador

K59 is known as one of the premier right-hand point breaks in El Salvador El Salvador has rightly earned its reputation as the land of magical right-hand point breaks. The country offers the highest density of quality point breaks in Latin America. It is a natural-footers dream destination. Though lesser known than its more high-profile cobblestone counterparts Punta Roca and Punta Mango, k59's cobble-stone point is one of the best right-handed waves in El Salvador. It is likely one of the best spots you will ever surf. K59 is situated in a gated community with limited public access in order to maintain the privacy and comfort of K59's owners and guests. The set up is designed to keep the crowds to a minimum. Just a short, ten minute walk down the rocky beach is k61, another cobble-stone-bottomed point break that can be slightly more challenging than k59. You will earn your afternoon siesta paddling out at k61. Taking a walk into the jungle-covered mountains or rocky headlands above the ocean is also a wonderful way to pass the time. The views from the mountains around k59 are breath-taking.

When to go? El Salvador has two seasons: winter and the summer. Winter season runs approximately May through October. This is the time of year when you can expect the biggest, most consistent swell. During this period, local winds trend offshore in the morning, creating glassy conditions. Winds go side-shore for the afternoon, before bumping up the surf during the mid-afternoon session. Winds go slack again late afternoon with the stray thunderstorm possible. In the winter-time, the surf normally glasses-off by dark. Winter season can consistently see swell in the double-overhead-high range. November through April marks the summer season, which brings lots of sun and dry days. The water is clear and the wind is mostly offshore. The swells trend smaller, but conditions are calm, and the surf is more playful and inviting than the big, wintertime southern-hemi swells. No matter which season you choose, the waves at k59 are consistent all year long. .