k59 surf house

our goal is to provide our visitors a relaxing private space in a which to enjoy the location and the waves.

Our goal at k59 Surf House is to provide our guests with a relaxing, peaceful and private experience while enjoying a world-class surfing environment. The Bustamante family has eight years of experience in the surfing hospitality industry, playing host to surfers from all over the world.
We have transport and logistics to make you visit deferent’s places of interest in El Salvador.

The family has owned the property since 1971. The house was originally built as the Bustamante family's vacation home. At the time the family did not realize the surfer's paradise located right outside the front door. For many years, young Gerardo Bustamante would have the break all to himself. Little did he know he would one day help his family run a world-class surf destination. Eventually news traveled about the perfect right-hand point break located directly in the property's front yard. As word got out, the Bustamante's property soon became a surf destination, and the family transitioned their vacation home into K59 Surf House.